Welcome to Cardiovascular Imaging LLC

CardioVascular Imaging, LLC is a professionally owned and operated mobile ultrasound company based in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, that offers state-of-the-art ultrasound imaging for physicians, clinics and hospitals. We are an ICAEL accredited company meaning we are recognized for our higher standard of medical ultrasound imaging. Our team of healthcare specialists possess thorough knowledge in the field of mobile ultrasound services especially cardiovascular diagnostics.

CardioVascular Imaging is a multi-modality Ultrasound Service that provides Cardiac, Vascular and general ultrasound studies. All of our registered sonographers are certified by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) in all 3 ultrasound modalities.

We provide a service that enables you the physician to schedule and perform echocardiograms, vascular and general ultrasound tests in your office, clinic or outpatient facility for superior patient satisfaction and practice success. These are tests that you as a physician order daily, but are referring out. Our solution is to come to you in order to provide fast, convenient and professional diagnostic ultrasound imaging. Our service is designed to accommadate your office"s busy schedule.

Stop losing vital revenue in your medical practice. CardioVascular Imaging is your one-stop source to all your medical imaging needs. We strive to give you professional mobile ultrasound services in the Tampa Bay area that are cost-effective and convenient.

We know your medical practice will benefit greatly from our ultrasound service. From now on, all your ultrasound imaging can be performed right there at your office. No need to refer patients to another service, thereby losing potential revenue.

Utilizing our ultrasound service brings ease and convenience for your patients. They will appreciate having the exam performed in the comfort and familiarity of your office. This also allows you the ordering physician to be more involved in your patients results.

At Cardiovascular Imaging of Tampa Bay, we guarantee our mobile ultrasound services. All exams are interpreted by experienced, board-certified Radiologists and Cardiologists. We offer excellent turnaround times for finalized reports. You can count on 24 to 48 hour turnaround times on all our services and same day reports for STAT exams.

Call us today and allow us to show you how we can provide you with a better all-round ultrasound imaging service at a low affordable price. Our mobile ultrasound service is easy and convenient. We’re just a phone call away, so call us today. (813) 415-6172